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This is our chance as believers to support those who spend every week supporting us. The ones who are a phone call away whenever we need them. The ones that show up when life happens.

The spiritual gift and calling to be a Pastor cannot be taken lightly. When accepting the role of Pastor, a person is taking on the role of a shepherd leading its flock (the congregation). This entails hours upon hours preparing to share the word of God, hospital visits, funerals, weddings, and other engagements with their congregation.

It takes time away from their family and it is often not considered an easy calling.

That is why Amplify the Word (a TBA International ministry) is sponsoring Pastors and providing them with Getaways dedicated towards rest and relaxation, recharging them to continue doing what God has called them to do. This getaway covers the expense of a 7 day stay at top hotels and resorts throughout the United States (additional luxuries not included at this time)

Amplify the Word is an in-house ministry of TBA International, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your contributions to our ministry go directly to TBA International and put into a fund dedicated to our Amplify the Word ministry and may qualify for tax-deductions towards your taxes.


There are a number of ways you can contribute towards providing pastors with a well deserved vacation package.

  • The first thing we ask is that you pray. Pray for our ministry; that we will be able to provide a blessing and well deserved rest to our hard working pastors.

  • The second thing we ask is for you to spread the word about our ministry and what we are doing. Through word of mouth, our cause reaches more people. With more people comes more contributions towards getaways. A simple share on facebook, twitter, or instagram can easily be what it takes to provide one additional getaway.

  • If you feel a calling towards giving to our ministry, please continue reading below for instruction on how you can contribute.

The first option, and easiest option, is to give using the form below. This is a secure method of giving that instantly gets added to our funds for providing these vacations. If you cannot give through this form or you don't feel comfortable giving online, you can mail check/cash to

Amplify the Word
P.O. Box 351
Dunn, NC 28335

Thank you in advance for the contribution that God is laying on your heart.

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